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PHP or technically elaborated as Hypertext Preprocessor is a multipurpose language both used as a scripting language for website development and as a general programming language as well. It can also be successfully used for Email form development and also comes in handy when used for database management. It is an Open Source, web server-side scripting language used for delivering dynamic web pages to be displayed on any available browser.


Features of PHP

a).It can generate dynamic web page content<br>b).It can create, open, read, write and also close files on the server <br>c).It can collect form data and send & receive cookies <br>d).It can add, delete, modify data in your database <br>e).It can restrict users to access some pages on your website and can also encrypt data  There are various open sources (CMS) that use PHP for their development or programming purposes; sources like WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Drupal etc. Also an efficient PHP framework is important as it can help the user develop a PHP application easy and quick.

Benefits of PHP

a).PHP is very lightweight and speedy when built as an Apache web server module  <br>b).PHP very swiftly returns the results of querying MySQL database. <br>c).PHP can also set cookies, manage authentication, and redirect users <br>d).PHP offers very good connectivity to and supports a wide range of databases <br>e).PHP provides integration with various external libraries that helps a user generate PDF documents  <br>f).PHP runs well on various operating system platforms like Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac OS X, etc.  <br> g).PHP is compatible with almost all servers used like Apache, IIS and others.


Some of the good PHP frameworks include:

We have qualified tech professionals who have excellent knowledge and skills to use PHP to develop high quality Interactive and dynamic websites.

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