“Where Intelligent use of Fonts & Typography Give Birth to a Design that Says It All”

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What we offer:

  • Careful choice of Fonts & Typography
  • Vibrant choice of Colours & Accurate alphabetical and image strokes
  • Design shape and structure & Simplicity and yet niche presentation
  • Free of plagiarism & No copyright infringement
  • Sophistication and impact
  • High quality design finish And above all an ocean of creativity

Logo Designing

Logos are the face of any company. They are the graphical representation of the company and carry a lot of thought process behind their making. 

    What is Logo Design?

Every logo carries a deep meaning which may consist of one or more of various things like company name, type of business, company’s vision, products, services and lots more…    A logo is a must for any brand because it helps a lot in building strong goodwill and market value for the brand. Therefore, it is not merely technical knowledge of graphic tools that goes into it, but it takes a well thought and sorted whirlpool of creative thinking that makes a good logo.

    Expert Team

We at iN Technologies believe in thinking out of the box. We have a team of creative designers who are expert in making exquisite logo designs. When it comes to designing a logo, we make sure that the logo reflects the soul of your company. Our designed logos will be the ultimate ambassadors of the strong vision of your company and will speak volumes about the company’s esteemed value in the industry.

    Economic Plan

We have various plans that are designed as per your budget and other customized requirements. The use of our Logo Design services will help your brand build a strong image and goodwill in the market. When you invest in our services, they in return add value to your investment and to your brand image as a whole



Additional Services we offer

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